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Anti-Aging Care By Age

Aging is a normal process. Whatever the age, we can preserve, protect and maintain our youth and health capital in order to feel good about ourselves. As soon as possible, have a good beauty routine and use products adapted to your needs.


The Derma Beauté Institute supports you in a positive and comprehensive approach for beautiful and healthy skin. Sound advice, a program and personalized follow-up will be provided by your skin expert.

Before 30 years old


Preserve your youth capital

The cell renewal process is already starting to slow down, which is why it is important to take care of your skin on a daily basis.

  • Cleanse your skin perfectly with suitable, non-aggressive products according to your needs

  • Moisturize Choose an eye contour to prevent 1st wrinkles / fine lines, puffiness and dark circles and a moisturizing face cream.

  • Protect your skin against UV rays

Take advice from your skin analyst who will be able to guide you for your care and cosmetics.

30 years


From the age of 30, the skin is duller and thinner. The first fine lines appear. Cell renewal and collagen decrease.

Sebum, fatigue, tobacco, sun ... so many external factors that contribute to aging.

  • Moisturize serum, cream, mask (example of active ingredient: Hyalluronic acid)

  • Specific Manual Massages drains, stimulates, maintenance

  • Peeling regenerate the skin

  • Oxygenate the tissues "Radiance Booster Care"

  • Electroporation / Mesoporation, Sonophoresis infuse and treat for deep hydration

  • Led by photomodulation in prevention, glow

Peeling + LED 20 minutes = Instant radiance

Every3 weeks in cure of4 to5 sessions

40 years

Plump up your skin

The structure of the skin changes gradually. Thickening of the stratum corneum, cell renewal is slowed down, dehydration, redness, areas of hyperpigmentation ...

External factors such as tobacco, lack of sleep, the sun ... accentuate the effects, dull the complexion ...

It is advisable to make a regular biological assessment with your attending physician. Eat a balanced and healthy diet. Do a regular sporting activity.

  • Hydrate N °1 of the priorities

  • Peeling and Oxygenation improve cell renewal

  • Radiofrequency plumped face

  • Electroporation, Sonophoresis infuse the appropriate Serums for optimal penetration and hydration

  • Cryo Face lifting and refreshing effect

  • Specific manual massages draining, stimulating, plumping

  • Led deeply hydrate the skin, stimulate collagen ...

50 years

Revive the shine

Micro circulation slowed down, hormonal problem, dull complexion, larger wrinkles, loss of volume in the cheekbones and loss of density in the lower face. Very marked eye contour. Appearance of small vessels or even rosacea and spots.

Lack of sleep, menopause, stress, sun exposure ... Take advice from a professional.


  • Moisturize the N °1 anti-aging treatment

  • Oxygenation nourish, hydrate, accelerated cell metabolism, glowing skin

  • Electroporation deep hydration, firming

  • Peeling to treat pigment spots, dull complexion, fine lines

  • Specific manual massages draining, lifting, relaxing ...

  • Ultrasound to drain, stimulate, smooth ...

  • Radiofrequency skin sagging

  • Cryo Face lifting, refreshing and soothing effect

  • Led luminous complexion, faded wrinkles

60 years and over

Preserve self-image

A clear change in skin appearance. Loss of firmness, intense dehydration, accentuated wrinkles, blurred complexion, puffiness ... the skin regenerates more slowly, it is more sensitive to UV rays, hence pigment spots.

Engage in physical activity. Regularly carry out a biological assessment (cholestherol, diabetes, etc.). The supplementary food are a good way to fill some gaps (Take advice from your expert skin).

  • Aesthetic care, Peeling target your pro-aging care

  • Manual massages Specific draining, toning, restructuring

  • Radiofrequency relaxation, tightening and volumizing effect

  • Ultrasound stimulate, drain, smooth

  • Led, Electroporation / Mesoporation, Oxygenation, Sonophoresis

purified skin, deeply hydrated and luminous complexion

  • Cryo Visage soothes, lifts, refreshes

At all ages

Take care of your skin

FOR ALL AGES Adopt the right care and the right actions

  • Cleanse your skin well

  • Make one scrub per week for maintenance (if necessary and depending on the skin. Ask your skin expert for advice)

  • Make a hydrating and plumping mask per week

  • Use a cream and an appropriate eye contour morning and evening

  • Protect your skin from UV rays

  • Adopt a healthy lifestyle , eat healthy, drink 1.5 L of water per day, sleep well ...






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