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Radiance Booster

Boost the luminosity of your epidermis

A revitalizing treatment and an immediate boost of radiance.

A non-invasive, painless and natural procedure.


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Course of a treatment with Derma Beauté

After a deep cleansing phase, the enzymatic peel will remove dead cells, brighten the complexion and refine the skin texture.

The action of pure hyperbaric oxygen under pressure allows perfect cleaning, improves blood circulation, drains and decongests dark circles and eyelids .

Application of a highly concentrated, pharmaceutical quality cocktail of active ingredients associated with pure oxygen propelled in tiny droplets. The skin is more supple, nourished, plumped and hydrated.

A suitable sterile mask will complete the treatment accentuated by a session of Led for radiant skin.


Cryotherapy helps relax the skin by reducing its temperature and produces a cooling and lifting effect.

Duration: 1 hour

Les Avantages

  • Méthode non invasive, indolore et douce

  • Rapide et naturelle

  • Sans éviction sociale

  • Peut se faire toute l'année

*Les soins indiqués ne prennent pas en compte le Bilan Cutané, obligatoire pour toute première séance

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